sustainability Durability Concrete Admixtures
Sustainability Durability Concrete Admixtures


Ha-Be and Sustainability

Sustainability – We are convinced that long-term success is only possible with sustainable products. Therefore, we consider not only the economic, but also social and especially environmental factors in our product development.


Against this background, the so-called environmental product declarations (EPDs) of the European Federation of Concrete Admixtures Associations Ltd. (EFCA) are of great importance. These are created in accordance with the requirements of the EN 15804 and ISO 14025 standards and determine the environmental impact of a product throughout its entire life cycle, from manufacture to disposal.

The following EPDs are available for the following product groups of our concrete admixtures:

Many of our products are already a contribution to a sustainable and efficient use of concrete.


The surface protection products of our PROTECT line, for example, extend the durability of concrete products.
Their hydrophobic properties coerce water and dirt particles to roll off the surface and thus prevent them from penetrating into the concrete structure. Concrete surfaces are not only protected against visual defects such as permanent dirt deposits or efflorescence, but also against damages caused by frost or de-icing salt. Therefore, the sustainable three-step system of microstructure optimising, hydrophobising and impregnation increase significantly the life cycle of concrete.


The superplasticisers of our PANTARHIT line support a more sustainable concrete production. They reduce the need for fresh water in concrete production, reduce the compression energy in concrete production and are compatible with recycled materials. Especially in the production of precast concrete, the Ha-Be superplasticisers can reduce the energy-intensive heat treatment for generating the required early strength and the compression energy. This not only saves considerable costs, but may substantially limit the harmful C02 emissions.


Ha-Be is keen to promote local manufacturing. By keeping the supply chain as short as possible, e.g. by employing local people and procuring regional materials whenever possible, Ha-Be enjoys close links to its local communities.


Concrete is a long-lasting, durable and sustainable building material. Making good concrete better does also mean making it even longer lasting, more durable and more sustainable than it already is. By manufacturing high-quality admixtures, Ha-Be decreases the amount of rejected concrete of its clients due to inconsistency or non-conformance.


Ha-Be provides various learning opportunities for its employees in order to support them in finding better, more efficient methods for manufacturing and placement of concrete.


Ha-Be is keen to address concrete technological challenges through research and teaching, and to translate this research into action. Our concrete laboratory is a living one for piloting and implementing solutions - empowering our employees as well as our customers with a deeper understanding of the complexity of sustainability challenges. Ha-Be is also leading partnerships across higher education, government, and business to develop shared solutions to concrete technological challenges on a local, regional, and even a global level.


Many of our products are already a contribution to a sustainable and efficient use of concrete.
  • Surface protection increases the life cycle
  • Superplasticiser reduce CO2-emission

sustainability Durability Concrete Admixtures

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