Surface Protection, Impregnations, Hydrophobic Agents, UV-Coating Systems, Primer and Top Coat
Surface Protection, Impregnations, Hydrophobic Agents, UV-Coating Systems, Primer and Top Coat


Non-film forming impregnation acc. to DIN EN 1504-2 for fresh and hardened concrete

Item No. 2930


PROTECT NTI is a specially designed impregnation for creating hydrophobic concrete surfaces. The colour-neutral impregnation meets the requirements of DIN EN 1504-2 subject to the test report P7091 of Kiwa Poymer Institut which approves its performance.

PROTECT NTI is a high-quality impregnation for concrete surfaces in transport and facade constructions and is also suitable for the production of manufactured concrete products.
It is suitable for all mechanically processed or finished concrete surfaces and can be applied on both fresh and hardened concrete surfaces.

PROTECT NTI generates a hydrophobic effect on concrete's surfaces. As a result the absorption of water and its therein dissolved substances is minimised.
Concrete's frost- and freeze-thawing salt resistance is significantly increased, thereby.

Consequently, PROTECT NTI makes a contribution to producing durable and sustainable concrete.


PROTECT NTI deeply enters the concrete structure and reacts with its cement-based substrates in order to generate a hydrophobic capillary system.
This effect reduces the capillary suction and decreases concrete's water absorption abilities.
The occurrence of frost damages are significantly reduced thereby.

The applied protective film is not yellowing, is weather-proof (UV-stable), permeable to water vapour and resistant against alkali loads.


Depending on the surface structure and its absorbing abilities the necessary amount might vary between 100 – 250 g/m² and has to be determined for each single application.

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